Drilling Optimization

We accurately identify and predict geological issues, whether it is cutting or cavings, mud losses, drill pipe or borehole assemblies stuck, extended reaming, tripping out or casing run problems; determining the conditions for their occurrence and develop the necessary prevention measures.
Based on geomechanics calculations, we optimize and determine the following drilling parameters and trajectory features of each well individually:
  • Safe azimuth, angle of attack (landing) and navigation into the formation for complex intervals
  • Determination of conditions and intervals compatible with drilling
  • Mud density determination and equivalent circulation density maximum permissible values across the section;
  • Minimum permissible pressure decrease to prevent borehole collapse and elongation
  • Maximum pressure allowed in the system to prevent mud losses and fracturing
  • Casing show – optimal depth design and casing run parameters
  • Intervals with zones of instability and potential mud losses, as well as recommendations for prevention and control of associated complications during drilling;
  • Drilling sensibility to pressure drops at the bottom;
  • Risk assessment and recommendations safe drilling.


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