LCC PetroGM is an independent company that provides Geomechanical Services for Oil and Gas industry, accounting modern technologies, without binding to the world’s service companies. Our services include the holistic solutions development based on geomechanical solutions for all aspects of oil and gas fields life– from exploration and drilling to stimulation for oil recovery. Also, accounting unconventional reservoirs, as well as optimization and completion of individual or integrated projects for the construction of wells under characteristic geological conditions.
  1. Professional Geomechanics Consulting – Geomechanics services for the Oil and Gas industry
  2. Projects optimization using innovative technologies without binding to world’s services companies
  3. Mechanical Earth Model construction, Pressures and Stresses (MEM) to solve engineering problems related to drilling, hydraulic fracturing performs and forecast changes in reservoir formations during development.
  4. Wellbore calculations and geological risks prediction, such as:
    • Drill pipe and assembly stuck due to borehole instability
    • Extended reaming and trip out
    • Casing run inability / Mud circulation losses
  5. Hydraulic fracturing geometry and parameters calculation and optimization
    • Multi-stage fracturing
    • Hard-recovering reserves (Shale oil/gas, fractured reservoir)
    • Fracture opening / propagation issues
  6. Sanding – risk analysis – Solid phase and mechanical impurities Downhole equipment and completion assemblies’ solutions